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My Mom's Dead and I'm Stuck in Suburbia


Short film (2019)

Directed by Jillian Rezen

Assistant Director: Lindsey Beth Meyers

"While on a weekend trip with her college friends, Sofia gets a call that her mom died unexpectedly. As her friends attempt to console Sofia, they are forced to face the responsibilities that come with grief."

Janie is Sick


Web-series (2019)

Directed by Alison Vincitore

Production Assistant: Lindsey Beth Meyers

"A young woman navigates mental health and adulthood as she tries to survive New York City in this five-episode series..."

no! i be seal.

One-act play (2019)

Performed at Dixon Place

Directed by Clara Wiest

Stage Manager: Lindsey Beth Meyers

"Writer/performer Dante Fuoco embodies a younger version of himself: a baby queer at the dawn of puberty, fabulous and cloying and a lonely-hearted mess. Family video underpins—and overwhelms—his quest for diva stardom in a reality that is quickly fraying..."

Little Boy No. 3, 1958

Full-length play (2019)

Directed by Calvin Rezen

"Adam" (character): Lindsey Beth Meyers

In 1958, when Norman and Gladys Byrne reach their wits end with their mentally ill son, Adam, they each attempt to fix him in their own ways.

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Short Plays


Violet is a web-series

Rating: PG

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 5



"Through her writing, Lindsey has the ability to make you feel introspective in a both beautiful and haunting way. Her cutting humor leaves you both invigorated and defenseless to the truths you don't want to face about yourself and humanity." - Fiona Stocks-Lyons, percussionist + composer


"Bubbly, and bursting with the kind of energetic passion found only in the greatest leaders of men." - Ewan Turner, novelist

jeff kosharek.jpg

"Better with milk." - Jeff Kosharek, actor

A blank space soon to be filled with very impressive awards and media recognition.

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