"You'll like her the first time you meet her and also the second."

Jillian Rezen, filmmaker


"A shining example of American apple pie and unleaded gasoline."

Mitch Hoover, projection designer


"My second favorite second daughter."

Mom, mom

A little story about Millwood Lake

I was once at a lake in Arkansas with my mother. It was shortly after my parents’ divorce and I remember my mother telling me it would be good to get out of the house, out of Texas, and lay by the water. My mother loves the water.

millwood lake.jpeg

She feels in tune with herself, allowed to move and change as frequently as the surface of a road puddle.

We got there and the house was rickety. Wooden. Croaking like a dead man’s rattle. There was an enormous gravy boat bathtub with jets and a lot of drawers with nothing in them. There were mirrors that angled my reflection to make it look like there were millions of me, forever lined up in an increasingly algae green amorphous swamp drop. I stowed my prized hairbrush - the one with scars of several lifetimes carved into the handle - in one of the empty drawers. (more...)

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These are all words Lindsey Beth Meyers uses to describe herself.


She received a BFA in Dramatic Arts and Screenwriting from The New School College of Performing Arts School of Drama in 2019, where her professors described her as "above average". Following graduation, she acquired a job as an office coordinator at a big fancy production company where she worked with great enthusiasm and vigor...


...until COVID-19 swept across New York City and destroyed everything. Lindsey losing her job was definitely the most tragic event of the pandemic.


In an effort to stay sane, she started her freelance writing career, joining the cohort at independent film production companies like Segno and LPZ Media.

Things were looking up for the Californian-Montanan-Floridian-Texan sprout until... [more]

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