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A genius. A once-in-a-generation talent. A diabetic. This is how Lindsey's close friends describe her. She's a screenwriter by day, but by night, she also writes television pilots. She's studied theater, mime + clown performance, playwriting, and archery at various institutions around the globe. She is pretty good at 4/5 things, which is the majority, so. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she keeps a polished rock collection and 0 boyfriends.

Meyers received an MFA from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts John Wells Division of Writing for Screen & Television in 2023. She also studied dramatic arts and screenwriting at The New School, with abroad studies in Greek theater at Regent's University London.

She is the recipient of the Jack Oakie Award in Half-Hour Comedy Writing in honor of David Isaacs ('22-'23), and a two-time Shriram Fellow ('21-'23).

Her writing has been published in
Teen Vogue, Voyage LA, and Wilderness House Literary Review. Her piece "VERY BIG HORSE" was named a finalist in the 2024 Witness Literary Awards for Fiction.

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