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Happy List of Happy Things


It’s been rough recently.

So take a second to step away from social media.

Hourly updates.

And the tissue boxes.

And just take a a couple of minutes to glance at some of the things that make human life a-okay.

1.) This reporter running into a pole.

2.) The fact that Bernie Sanders kicked some serious ass during the first Democratic Presidential Debate.


3.) About one month ago, Wall Street billionaire Jim Simons used his wealth to raise the salary of 800 New York City math teachers by $15,000.


Jim Simons? More like Jim SimONFIRE (with kindness).

4.) Halloween is quickly approaching.

(If you’ve never seen The Skeleton Dance before – where have you been for the last century, you spiritless monster?!)

5.) Michael Cera


no explanation necESSARY

6.) Halloween is quickly approaching (sixteen days, y’all).


it looks like he’s wearing a wet croc on his face

7.) There is a website that is literally just a never-ending stream of people giving their webcams hugs. It’s called The Nicest Place on the Internet.


hardcore wept when I watched it for the first time

8.) Also, Halloween is quickly approaching. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that.


9.) The Hubble telescope has somehow captured a dying star’s last moments.


and it is fucking beautiful (more information at:

10.) This classic video.

kids are so stupid

11.) An adorable baby pig.

baby pig

12.) Banksy’s street graffiti.


13.) A Will Ferrell-themed bar just opened up in New York City.


this idea wins the award for best idea in the history of good ideas

14.) Finding Dory, Captain America: Civil War, and Kung Fu Panda 3 all come out in 2016.


15.) Puerto Rican boys can now wear skirts to school.

dancing boy


16.) A playlist of The Bee Gees’s greatest hits.

because nobody has ever been sad while listening to The Bee Gees

17.) Honeybees are responsible for pollinating approximately 80% of all seed crops in the United States. They are the only known insect that produce food for humans. So don’t swat them away; bees are our friends! (Shout-out to Haley.)


18.) And here’s a picture of Mr. DeLuna romantically embracing John Travolta.


because it’s almost Halloween and I needed to scare you.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to feel bad.

It’s okay to be angry and confused and sorrowful and numb.

It’s okay.

But it’s also okay to laugh,

to feel happy,

to find joy in little things.

It is important to carry a bright image of Zoe –

the image we all have of her smiling  and laughing –

rather than a bleak one.

None of this is fair;

I know.

But don’t hold yourself back from grinning.

And if you feel yourself moving on,

that’s okay.

You can.

Remember Zoe for who she was the last time you saw her:

a bubbly, lovable lion with an infectious smile.

You’re not forgetting about her by continuing on with your life.

No way.

She is living vicariously through you, now.

So live well.

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