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Good News

Hello again.

Feels good to be back here.

My extended leave can be attributed to only good things: I’ve begun my final semester of college (graduation in 84 days HOLLA), and been inundated with creative ideas for scripts, stories, and other creative projects. (I’m presenting a reading of an original one-act play on March 1st so – *clears throat* – reserve a ticket now if you love me). I’ve also cleared my apartment of items that don’t bring me joy and, I’ll tell ya, I feel at least ten pounds lighter. The world is spinning, and I’m spinning, and holy moly I am achieving a new level of productivity this year!

Now while I am feeling hopeful and excited – albeit a little tense, par for the course for being a Dottie – the awareness of others’ discomfort is not beyond my noticing. Instant news means instant panic, right? With the bubbling up of 2020’s presidential candidates and faux acts of violence, it seems as though the country is headed into a spiral of regurgitated arguments well before election day, and people are already exhausted. We had just enough time to enter from the cold, dust off our jackets, and warm our hands by the gas oven stove before the yelling outside beckoned us back.

Before you don your hat and your gloves though, it is vital to remember some things:

  1. Everyone is doing what they think is best. Yes, even Uncle Frank who hates the gays and forgets your birthday is doing what he thinks is best. He is just as scared as you are that the world will wind up dark and out of touch. So be gentle.

  2. Politics, economics, and social issues are one part of your life. Important: yes. Worthy of discussion: yes. Singular and all-powerful: no. Life is multi-faceted, as are your relationships with people. Don’t let any one thing swallow your wonderful complexity.

  3. Take time off. Set limits on social media (after you finish this article of course). Every wellness website and mental health expert says this during consultation because it actually makes a tremendous difference. If you want to get back in touch with what really matters to you, try it out for, like, a day. That’s enough time to snap out of the collective sleepwalk.

That’s enough of that though, amirite.

What’s the good news, Dot? Prove to me the world is not utter shite.

Exhibit A

The Flying Penguins are getting an ice rink


That is what you read.

Ireland has a youth ice hockey team called The Flying Penguins, and they haven’t had their own year-round ice rink since 2010, so holding practices during the season has been especially difficult UNTIL NOW.

None other than Justin fucking Trudeau became aware of this issue, voiced it to Irish lawmakers, and now, by the end of the summer, The Flying Penguins will have a year-round rink to use to their heart’s content.

They are very excited and will probably down a few pints in celebration.

Exhibit B

Lieutenant Dan is a good person

Related image

This is kind of a secret, but feel free to tell everyone: Gary Sinise – our very own Lieutenant Dan – started a foundation (aptly named the Gary Sinise Foundation) with a mission to create and support programs that educate, entertain, and empower American veterans and their families. He’s been spearheading dozens of initiatives – everything from concerts to fundraisers – and has raised over $30 million every year since 2011.

As a thank you, a compilation video of veterans, first responders, and celebrities all thanking Sinise for his work was published earlier this month.

And yes, Tom Hanks is in it.

If you know me, you know I, 1. can quote every line from Forrest Gump including the piano music, and 2. get very emotional when the topic turns to servicemen and women. So I had to shout this out.

You can watch the original video here, and you can watch GARY SINISE’S REACTION TO THE VIDEO here.

It’s tearful. Get tissues ready.

Exhibit C

A fork in the sea

National Geographic (the best, the ride-or-die magazine) published a list of the best places to visit in 2019 including Vevey, Switzerland which – yes, looks beautiful – but most importantly hosts a sculpture of a giant fork in the middle of the ocean.


I don’t care. I just love what artistic people choose to do in their spare time and I don’t ask questions.


That’s all for now.

The world is good and so are the people in it; don’t let anybody tell you any different!


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