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"Ursa Minor" - The Group
Ursa Minor - hunting.jpg
"Ursa Minor" - Kos and Evelin
Ursa Minor top.jpg
"Ursa Minor" - Kos and Evelin 2
"Ursa Minor" - Kos and Lyons
"Ursa Minor" - Kos 2
"Ursa Minor" - Kos Injured
"Ursa Minor" - Kos and Young
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my mom's dead...
my mom's dead...
"The Bellwether Lamb"
"The Bellwether Lamb" - OriginalCast
"Bank Robbery for Dummies"
"Bank Robbery for Dummies"
"Anatomy of Grey"
"Anatomy of Grey"
"Anatomy of Grey"
"Four Women in Tennessee"

Productions and projects featured: Ursa Minor (co-writer, actor), my mom's dead and I'm stuck in suburbia (assistant director), Natalie (actor), Four Women in Tennessee (actor), Anatomy of Gray (actor), The Bellwether Lamb (producer, co-director, co-writer, and stage manager), Bank Robbery for Dummies (actor), 2019 BFA Acting Showcase at The New School College of Performing Arts School of Drama

Like Mother

Try-hard perfectionist Florencia enters her senior year of high-school with her sights set on the Ivy Leagues, but when mid-life crisis hits and her mother and younger brother abruptly move to Florida,

Florencia explores less stately pathways to adulthood - including the not-so-fulfilling one her mother took.

in collaboration with Segno Productions